1) After the raw materials are sourced, it is then de-salted, trimmed, and then     made ready for further processing in the paddles and drums.

2) Once the hides/skins are De-salted it is then Soaked and limed in paddles.

3) Once limed the pelts are then put into drums for Tannage. We have a production     capacity of 2,50,000 sq.ft of Wet-Blue leather every month

4) The Chrome Tanned Leathers are then kept for ageing, once aged, it is then     measured, graded and stocked accordingly.

5) At all times, we make sure that we don’t harm the environment. We have a   chrome recovery plant, whereas the excess chrome is taken back into    processing. The effluent is constantly filtered off the solid wastes. Then the     solid wastes are sent to the dry-beds for precipitation.

6) Once the order is received the wet-blue leather is sent for splitting and then it     is shaved to the thickness desired by the customer.

7) The Shaved Hides/Skins are then taken back in the drums where the Wet-End     processing is done. After that, the leather is sent for drying and then sent for     finishing, achieving the specifications required by the customer. Our monthly      production capacity is 2,00,000 finished leather every month.